Our vision is to create sustainable communities that enable people with a disability to live independently or with support in a well-designed, inclusive, and socially engaged environment that helps them to reach their full potential

The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability has found that an estimated 17,000 people with disabilities currently live-in group homes around Australia.

The inquiry was told people used to be segregated away from the community in large institutions where they lived in conditions that were "harsh, if not barbaric". While many group homes were meant to act as a steppingstone to help people transition into the community, experts have said that these homes have effectively become "the end of the road".

Through listening to our clients, their families, loved ones and carers, we see a need for change within the disability accommodation sector. Isolation is an ongoing issue for people living with disabilities. Studies show that even though clients could live with their peers in a group home; there is still a feeling of isolation from the wider community. The lack of appropriate housing and opportunities in the disability sector limits economic sustainability, contributes to social isolation, and stifles independence. Everyone deserves an opportunity to be a valued contributing member of society regardless of their ability.

Within our communities, there will be opportunities for clients to be involved in and operate small businesses. This will enable them to work in chosen fields where all profits go back into supporting our clients to live independently.

In time we would like these communities to be able to support their clients through their transition between life stages, with the potential of a higher need’s disability facility at a later stage.