Building Life Skills Inc. is an innovative not-for-profit charitable organisation committed to creating strong, safe and inclusive homes and opportunities for people living with a disability.

Building Life Skills was formed by a passionate group of people who saw the need for change within the disability sector, both in accommodation and employment opportunities. With more than 20 years of combined experience in the community services sector the organisations Board and Management Team are committed to improving the lives of people with a disability.

    Our Board
  • Chairperson Dianne Owen
  • Deputy Chairperson Emily Howells
  • Finance Manager Stephen Kinnear
  • Secretary Jodie Howells

Our sister company, Building Friendships has developed a reputation for community service excellence. Delivering high quality, holistic and integrated social support services that acknowledge diversity and seek to inspire and empower people to participate safely and fully in their communities. Working collaboratively with the public and private sectors, along with other not for profit organisations, Building Life Skills Inc seeks to build meaningful partnerships with community and Government stakeholders that align with our values to ensure better outcomes for the people we serve.

For aging families their main concern is “what is going to happen to my person when I’m no longer able to care for them?”. The overwhelmingly positive response to the community proposal from the immediate families of our clients is motivating us to pursue this project to its full potential.